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I wish I could illegally download clothes

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"we forget then remember, but remember to forget what has forgotten us."

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"Some people I’m kinda glad I’m not close to anymore."

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"be proud that you are trying to do better and change for the greater good. and pray for those who are committed to misunderstanding you."

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after fourth, I hardly get online.
maybe one of the factors is that he checks my account 24/7 and sit with me under interrogation or I just don’t care about what social is anymore.
thou, I’m loving this phase where I really live my life based on the true way of living since summer. just family, school home, books, sims and him. I don’t care about my looks anymore, what trendy clothes are now in market or what food is good to eat. kuya fotof always told me throwback in 2012, you’ll find real happiness, contentment in your life when you stay with real people, if you prioritize first your loves ones, when you stop feeding yourself with unnecessary things that temporarily satisfy you and if you focus only on what matters.


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